chapter five

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm back

So sorry I've been away. Not that anybody really is reading this. I have been lazy about writing posts. Forgiveness please! Ever since I moved out of SOHO over a month ago back to Jersey I haven't felt much like writing. Well there have been moments, but by the time I get home after work I get in a lazy funk.

So, today I took the day off because I'm recovering from my cold that I caught while I went down to UM last weekend to help my old roomie, and friend, Ali with her thesis. And as of yesterday she is done. Can I get a WOAH ALI? Woah......Ali! Finally we've all escaped the bitter bondage that is (was) architecture school. Tonight I am going to dinner with Sam in the city and we're going to see the musical, Chicago, with his mom and her coworkers. They seem to get nice perks at her office.

Here's a listing of the major/minor events that happened in my life as of last Halloween:

  • Friendly visit from Kim, Jason, Ali, and Patty. Wonderful weekend in SOHO full of laughs and EATING :)
  • 11.31.06 (Halloween) - I spend it with Sam, Shannon, and Philippe at the 6th Avenue Halloween Parade and they get engaged.....FINALLY. now she can stress out about something other than school :P Sam and I didn't go to prom together, but we managed to stay within the 80's theme.......introducing the totally rad 80s business power couple! Unfortunately everybody said I looked like Connie motherf'ing Chung.

  • Wii!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam stood in line for a couple hours before I joined him for the rest of the full 6 hours he waits at the Nintendo World store to get the Wii. We got Zelda: Twilight Princess, Rayman Raving Rabids, and Wii sports which comes with the console. I gotta say, all these games are really great. Zelda has a great story and is a really fun adventure. Rayman is just so wacky and fun. My mom is addicted to Rayman and Wii sports bowling.....she's gone pro.
  • Thanksgiving - Sam and I spent a lot of time in traffic and a lot of hours in the kitchen as well. My grandfather, parents, aunt + uncle, and cousin, Jiyoung were there at the feast and I do believe we cleared off our Chinet plates in record time this year.....what was it, 10 minutes perhaps? Indeed we stuffed our faces full of ham, turkey, sides, and oh yes plenty of galbi and kimchee. We went to Kathy's birthday party at Modern in Georgetown on Saturday night and I got really really drunk. It was really fun though and I loved seeing my friends (well some of them) again after not seeing them for a while. Did I mention that my mom let us stay toether in the same room? I think she'll be cool with us moving out together.
  • Happy holidays to our troops overseas! I spent the last week putting together a humongo care package for my cousin who's a Marine and stationed in Iraq until May. We grew up together as kids and he was always like my little brother. A bunch of my other cousins chipped in and we hope he enjoys all of our gifts! If you know somebody who's away from home serving the military, send them something so they know they're loved! I don't like the idea of our troops still being there, but I have to support Lance Corporal Timothy Ahn. We're proud of you, Tim, and pray you come home soon and safely!