chapter five

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A scary reality

I finally saw Al Gore's film this past weekend, even though I really wanted to see it when it first came out in theaters. It's just mind boggling to think how we've screwed up things so royally for our planet. Being a pessimist, I'm afraid we're all doomed. DOOMED I SAY!

We need a miracle. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I should continue doing architecture. My job requires to create objects that sit on this earth for long periods of time and consume lots of resources.


Well, we're slowly trying to make things better with sustainable architecture. But is it too late??!

genius choreography

ok go's a milion ways

you've probably seen it a billion times, but i still love it!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Letter from Iraq

Here's a letter from my cousin, Tim, who I grew up with when we were kids. He's like my little brother, unfortunately because of college and grad school I lost touch with him in the past few years. However, I've been trying to get back in touch with him. While I was in grad school, he apparently joined the Marines and has been stationed in Iraq since September.


What's going on? Thanks for the awesome package you guys put together. Your timing was perfect - 1. It arrived on the 26th of December, but it's not your fault. Mail wasn't sent to us during 24-25th so it probably would have came right on Christmas.

The LED light you sent was something that everyone has and mine died recently. Only bad part was it's a white light. We're not allowed to use white light outside the wire but I use it back inside the base at night which is good considering we have no electricity half the time. Funny thing is we live right outside the Dam, which powers 1/3 of Iraq. Go figure.

Thank you for the DS. At first I couldn't find any games and I was thinking what a tease! Thanks for the instructions cuz I was lost on how to play.

So how is everyone? What's the new family gossip going around? You getting married anytime soon? Marriage...crazy. The last memory I have of you was going to that club in DC my freshman year. Lots changed huh?

Things out here are pretty decent. We finally have hot showers (Porta-Johns turned into showers...) since it's 20-30 degrees F everyday. I live on a lakefront so the wind is always kicking. I live inside a shipping container with 3 other roomates (10 ft x 30 ft box). How chow everyday even though the week's menu is always the same. Sunday steak, Monday hamburgers, Tuesday Spaghetti, etc.

I got a lot of stories to tell when I get back. I'd tell you now but OPSEC (Operational Security) means I can't tell you any real details. All I can say is I'm BUSY, "wink wink." Don't tell my folks though, they'll freak out if they knew the truth. It's crazy out here.

Thanks for the package, prayers, and overall support. I really appreciate everything and hope this letters finds you well. Write back when you got time. It takes about 2-3 weeks for mail to come and go so this letter will probably reach you mid-late January. Take care and thanks again.

- Tim

PS: Thanks for the stamps but outgoing mail is free. Holla!