chapter five

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm going to prom!

Sam is taking me to the prom this exciting. Even though it's 10 years too late, we are going as an 80s prom couple for halloween this year. I already put an order in for an 80s wig and now I just have to find a nice poofy dress. Can't wait.

Here's a website for some totally rad 80s makeup looks
. Now I just need some white pumps, maybe some fishnet stockings, and definately some lacey long gloves.

My first apartment

I just started living the dream starting on October in SOHO in a HUGE 3 br artist's loft. My apartment is situated in a great quiet street, on Mercer, near all the great shopping! According to Sam, he believes that the entire loft is about 4,500 sf in total. The artisit own pretty much the entire 2nd floor and rents out the front half of her floor to $3,500 a month. Here are a few shots:

Dining space. The bridge goes from one lofted bedroom to another.

Cooking space.

Creative space. The third lofted bedroom is located by the studio.

One of two exterior courtyard spaces.

It's really difficult to capture the space well because the spaces are so vertical. I will put up some more images sometime soon. These photos don't do the place justice. It's not a high-end well designed loft...but it's a very cozy comfortable place with a lot of character.

Unfortunately like all dream, they all come to an end. I will be moving out by November 5th since the owner will be returning from her workshop and exhibition.

Monday, October 09, 2006

apple booty

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Alas, the past few weeks I've been feeling kinda dumpy, frumpy, lumpy, slumpy...plain ol umpy. Thankfully I have such a wonderful boyfriend, Sam, to cheer me up.

This past Saturday we went to see Fearless at the Multiplex Cinema at Edgewater. It is billed as Jet Li's final martial arts film, which is a little sad since his best films are in Chinese. Anyway, I'm not going to talk too much about it since I don't want to spoil it. I enjoyed it because there was some good action...I LOVE kungfu fights using weapons. I took one month of kung fu in college because a friend taught classes there. That was some pretty tough stuff man. Anyway, I didn't have the time to pursue, but i'd definately be interested in taking it again sometime. Just so I can learn me how to use them weapons!

On Sunday, Sam's mom suggested that we get off our lazy butts (even though we cleaned the entire house the day before) and go pick some apples. So we found an orchard in Warkwick, New York called Masker's Orchard. Oh, that place was sheer madness. Insanity I tell you! First off, don't go on a weekend...especially one that's really beautiful with wonderful warm weather and blue sky. That's when everybody from New Jersey (including us) drives up with family in tow, up to Route 17 and jam up the single lane highway all the bitter way to the entrance of Masker's Orchard. Once we entered the orchard the place was littered with parked cars, families, and apple carcases strewn over the ground. Boy was it fun.

We met up with Sam's friend, Candice, who was also really enjoying herself. She left with no apples and dumped the ones she picked on us. Here I am with my bag of apple booty! ARRRR...

Despite the chaos, we came out with a bag of some green appples, macintosh, and empire. We also left with 2 half gallon jugs of apple cider. Tastes exactly like their radio station liquid apple!