chapter five

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where doth the time goeth?

It's been a really long, long, loooong time since I've posted anything on my blog. My apologies to all of my readers (hi mom). So now it is turkey season and they've started to play Christmas songs already (seriously cut it out) and I haven't posted anything since July. What the hell happened to me? Well, let me think. I get really lazy and I'm not really good about making journals. All of the diaries that I've every had (maybe 2 in my life time) have only max 3 entries in them. And that was during my glorious teenage years so it's mostly teenage dribble about how horrible life is, people I loathed, etc....typical right?

So what have I been up to you ask? Oh boy I've been up to a lot. Let me recap:

  • I was part of Kimmy's bridal shower where Sam helped me make a really cute movie from all of her photos (circa 1980-present)
  • Celebrated Sam's birthday at Ninja New York restaurant where we were served by
    clowns......j/k we were served by ninjas man!
  • Participated in Freehold, NJ Relay for Life to support Dave and his family.
  • Went to Will and Lindsay's wedding to see them get married at the Cloisters (lovely)
  • Spent the fourth with Theresa and Joseph, ate their yummy food, and watched the New Pornographers in the rain. I got a kick ass tshirt :)
  • Sam got to go on a bachelor weekend w/Jason and Dave and go canoing and camping at Harper's Ferry....I wasn't allowed, even though I am closer friends w/Jason and Dave. It was always me, Sam. Don't you forget it you friend snatcher.
  • Walked around Edgewater Park and got to see the underside of the George Washington Bridge. Pretty nifty.
  • Went to see Erasure...yeah I said McCarren Park Pool. Really cool venue in an old, huge pool.
  • Went to the ballfields at Red Hook in Brooklyn for some really yummy Latino food and check out the waterfront. Cool warehouse buildings!
  • Took part in Kim and Jason's wedding (my fourth tour of duty) which was nothing but beautiful.
  • Helped my friend from work, Anna, move into her new place and ate at Song
  • Holy moly....I went to my 10 year high school reunion. WHY? I touched base with one friend from school and a lot of people didn't show up so maybe next time I don't show up either! Not that I particularly even remotely enjoyed a minute of high school at all. Thanks for making my life miserable guys!
  • Studio 1 bbq at my boss's farm in upstate New York. Cute farm.
  • Went to a string of bbqs.
  • Took part in planning the 6th floor party at my office. Pretty lights, black curtains, and awesome food....we had a whole roasted pig! Yummy.
  • VACATION YEAH! Spent a week in Vancouver, Mt. Rainier National Park, Portland, and Seattle. Witnessed my friend Shannon get married to her moon god, Philippe. Ha, had to put that one in, since his parents were hippies.
  • Halloween + Geraldine's birthday. I was a TGI Friday's waitress but some stupid people didn't seem to understand. People....
  • So far, I went to Wisconsin for this hotel project that I've been working on. Two have been built in Green Bay and Appleton (middle of nowhere) and they're really nice. Got to go to the Milwaukee Art Museum by Calatrava. Oh wow, breathtaking it is!