chapter five

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Shins at MSG

On Wednesday, March 14th, the Shins played their biggest live show at Madison Square Garden and they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! The songs were performed really well, the background visuals and light fit the mood of each song perfectly, and I got to share this wonderful experience with Sam. So you can say it was a pretty perfect evening....except that I couldn't get a tshirt or vinyl because I didn't have any cash. Well at least I have the memories...and photos :)

Here's the set list from the night thanks to Yo55arian's blog site:

Sleeping Lessons (extended)
Pam Berry
Phantom Limb
Kissing the Lipless
Mine’s not a High Horse
Girl Inform Me
Girl on a Wing (acoustic style)
New Slang
Saint Simon
Girl Sailor
Turn on a Square
Gone for Good (unfortunately not acoustic!)
A Comet Appears
Know Your Onion
Turn on Me
Caring is Creepy

Pressed in a Book
Someone I Care About (a cover of a Modern Lovers song)
So Says I

Opening band...Viva Voce. The female guitarist was pretty bad ass and quite versatile with the four or five different guitars she switched around.

At last, the Shins! Loved the graphic and lighting....and especially loved James Mercer's shirt and tie. He means business :)

da Shins...

Hopefully I'll be posting some short video clips from the concert.

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Sunset Park

So, finally I have finished painting my apartment and putting shelves and pictures up. It's a little 2 bedroom apartment in Sunset Park at the corner of 41st Street and 5th Avenue which is at the corner of the park that gives the neighborhood it's name. The park slopes up and at the top of the hill you are standing at the highest point in all of Brooklyn. You can actually see over the building to lower Manhattan and even the Statue of Liberty...look carefully.

I have a roommate, Meg, who happens to be a friend of Sam's from SVA. She just got starter fish for her tank in our living room and we're hoping to have a housewarming pretty soon. It's cozy and soon I'll be posting pictures whenever I clean up my room and take them! My parents are visiting this weekend so it'll be really soon.